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Generational Wealth 

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Leaving Legacies

Our corporate division offers companies the tools and resources needed to build a better future while leaving a legacy.

Learn About For Profit's Leaving a Legacy.


Non-Profit Division:
1. Increase volunteerism, morale & systems to expand your reach.

2. Multi-dimensional, high impact & high touch customizable marketing programs.
3. Executive coaching

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We offer: executive coaching, leadership development, employee optimization, sales performance and much more.

Impacting Lives Together
4. Leadership development
5. Spend better not spend more.
Elevate Your Non Profit to the Next Level.
Our Purpose
There is a gap that exists and we have a solution to help in your Fund Raising efforts.
Support Your Favorite Charity Now.

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Approximately half of the giving comes from 10% of the population. 4% giving comes from corporations. There is room for growth and we want to help you build an empowered future and increase your fund raising.


Let the normal purchases you make using a check, secured or credit card earn money for your favorite charity.

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Generational Wealth located in the Dallas Texas area assists For Profit Companies and Non Profit Organizations in reaching thier fund raising goals, through consulting, benevolence and philanthropic services, allowing better stewardship, community involvement, and otherwise impacting future generations in positive ways. If you require fund raising assitance contact us today.   Rep Login
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