Stainless Steel, Hand Polished, Vibratory De-bur, Edge-Rounding Grills.
What a way to upgrade your ride.
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About The Grills

Each grill is programmed, laser cut from 13 gauge 304 (18/8) stainless steel then beautifully hand polished to a mirror finish shine.   Learn More

304 stainless steel is non magnetic, withstands most ordinary rusting, and can be polished again and again if scratched or damaged.

Made In The USA

All the products you see are manufactured in Austin Texas in the good'ole USA.

Stainless Steel was chosen not only for its' lasting beauty but also for it's corrosion resistance. Great for those of you living near coastal waters.

Texas Grill 2009
Spot Light Product

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You could be the Outstanding Bike of the Month Winner

That's right, send pics of your ride and at the end of each month a winner will be chosen by a panel of professional bike owners.

Winner Receives:
1. A free speaker grill of your choice absolutely free.
2. Image and bike info showcased on

We are looking forward to seeing all those fantastic looking bikes out there. Coming Soon: An online voting system.

Looking for that unique accessory for your Harley friends, then look no further. Order Now!

Grill Installation Only Takes a Few Minutes

Speaker grills are installed inside the fairing with the existing four screws that mount your current speakers. NO ADDITIONAL HARDWARE is required. Use a Torx T-27, T Handle or socket, which most of you probably have in your tool box already.

When Installed Grills Are:
Totally secure
Maintenance Free
Look Professionally Installed

Coming Soon: Watch for Keith's Blog.

This man is the authority on anything motorcycles: Specialty is H-D. Keith Thomas (aka; Pop's, Lucky 13, WWKD, etc.) will be sharing his tips and know-how's to make our life a little bit easier.

About Us    Products / Buy Motorcycle Speaker Grills    Bike Photo Gallery    Contact Information
Makers of high quality, stainless steel decorative motorcycle speaker grills for Harley Davidson touring models.
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